Google will announce agreement with Cuba to improve connectivity

Google of Alphabet Inc plans to announce on Thursday a memorandum of understanding with Cuban telecoms monopoly ETECSA to explore ways to improve connectivity on the island of communist government, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Although relations between the United States and Cuba suffered a severe downturn lately, the old enemies of the Cold War seem to be able to agree on the need to increase Internet access in what has been one of the least connected countries in the Western world. .

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Although President Donald Trump has tightened the decades-old trade embargo against Cuba, he has not eliminated an exception to that established by his predecessor, Barack Obama, which allows US telecommunications companies to provide services to Cuba, such as the installation of fiber cable. optics.

The technological giant Google has been working for years to expand its business in Cuba, although the source said that the agreement was not a commitment of the firm to build something.

The Cuban government was scheduled to hold a press conference in Havana with Google on Tuesday, but it rescheduled it for Thursday.

Neither Google officials working on Cuban projects, nor the government responded to requests for comments.
Apple announces its anticipated streaming service “Apple TV Plus”

Apple announced a new streaming service, Apple TV Plus, which will house its original series and movies and will compete with Netflix, Amazon and cable television itself.

Apple made the announcement at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, at an event on Monday attended by celebrities such as Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. The iPhone has long been its outstanding product and main generator of money, but its sales are beginning to fall. The company promotes its digital subscriptions while looking for new growth.

The company also presented the details of its subscription news service, Apple News Plus, and a new credit card.

The news service costs $ 10 a month and includes almost 300 magazines and a handful of the big newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. Apple says that advertisers will not monitor readers in the app, which distinguishes it from Facebook and Google, the other major online news centers.The company also said it is launching a MasterCard credit card called the Apple Card. It will integrate Apple Maps to show users where they spend their money, but at the same time Apple says they will not know where and when you spend it. The card will not have late or annual charges and will offer up to 2% cashback. Others already offer money back.

But the biggest sensation was caused by his video service. Apple also pointed out on Monday that its Apple TV application brings together different streaming services and traditional cable subscriptions.

Netflix, which did not attend Apple’s presentation, turned the “television marathons” into a worldwide phenomenon several years ago. The new service is expected to have original TV shows and movies that allegedly cost Apple more than $ 1 billion, much less than Netflix and HBO spend each year.

Making the most popular programs and movies can be seen on any device became a power in both Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

But Apple remains focused on making gadgets: iPhones, iPads, computers and its Apple TV streaming box. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs began to play with the idea of ​​building a powerful television business, but he did not succeed before dying in 2011. His successor, General Manager Tim Cook, has taken almost eight years to sketch the script that now it will try to execute.

“Apple came very late to this game,” said eMarketer analyst Paul Verna. “Netflix has become the gold standard for creating and distributing content, using all the data it has from its users.”

However, Apple has enough money to spend, with about 245,000 million in cash and negotiable securities.

As part of its efforts to make connections quickly, Apple hired two veteran Sony television executives, Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg in 2017, who have signed agreements with luminaries such as Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Sofia Coppola, who spoke at the Monday event.

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