Tesla wants to prove its profitability

Tesla broadcast a web presentation on Monday to inform investors about their autonomous car strategy. Its CEO, Elon Musk, tries to demonstrate that the huge investment of the automotive industry will be profitable.

Global carmakers, large technology companies and a host of new companies are developing autonomous driving, including Waymo and Uber Technologies Inc. of Alphabet Inc., but experts say it will be years before the systems are ready to go. its implementation.

The Teslas still require human intervention and are not considered totally autonomous, in accordance with industry standards.

Several Tesla have been involved in accidents, some of them fatal, that involve the use of the company’s AutoPilot system.The system has automatic steering and cruise control, but requires the attention of the driver behind the wheel. Tesla has been criticized by security groups for not being clear about the need for “practical” driving.

The company also sells a “complete auto-driving option” for an additional $ 5,000, explained on the Tesla website as “automatic driving from the highway ramp to the exit ramp”, automatic lane changes, the ability to automatically dial and call a parked car.

Later, in 2019, there is the ability to recognize traffic lights and stop signs and automatically drive on city streets, says Tesla.

But Tesla’s use of the term “total self-driving” still generates criticism, since the option is not yet “Level 4” or completely autonomous according to industry standards, in which the automobile can handle all aspects of driving in most circumstances without human intervention.Tesla will report its first quarter earnings on Wednesday. That is also the deadline for Musk and the US Securities and Exchange Commission to resolve their dispute over Musk’s use of Twitter.

Will Smith, NASA, Fortnite, among the winners of the Webby 2019 award

Actor Will Smith, NASA, Fortnite and Disney are among the winners of the 2019 Webby Award for Internet Excellence.

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences announced the winners on Tuesday.

Smith’s The Jump won a Webby for events and live videos, while Disney was chosen as the WebbyMedia Company of the Year for the highest number of honors in all Webby categories with 32 overall wins.

Fortnite is recognized in the category of games, and NASA won for the best social presence in general.

Actress Issa Rae is Webby’s video person of the year for using the Internet to show innovative content from various creators.

Activist Greta Thunberg won a Webby in the social movement category of the year for launching the #FridaysForFuture global movement for climate justice.The twenty-third annual Webby Awards will be held in New York City on May 13.

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