Microsoft Excel: Creating a table by photographing a paper document is soon possible

EASY Taking a picture printed on paper and inserting it directly into Excel is what the “Insert Data from Picture” feature will soon be doing. Character recognition technology is going to make people happy. Microsoft announced that its Excel application on Android would allow to insert data into a table by simply photographing them on a paper document, reports Presse-Citron.
This new feature “Insert Data from Picture” proposed by the US firm should greatly facilitate data entry.A IA is responsible for converting the image into characters
“You can take a picture of a table of data printed with your Android device and convert that analog information into an Excel spreadsheet in one click,” Microsoft promises. Once the image is converted to characters by the artificial intelligence, users will be able to correct any errors, Ubergizmo notes. Once the conversion is validated, all the data will be carefully stored in the spreadsheet.
The AI ​​to accompany the user
For now, the program only exists in beta and is reserved for a limited number of people, but it will soon be available to the general public. “Insert Data from Picture” is part of a series of new features announced by Microsoft for Office 365, says Presse-Citron.
The software giant has presented “Ideas”. This feature “helps identify trends, patterns, and outliers in a dataset, helping customers analyze and understand their data in seconds,” Microsoft says.
“Ideas” could soon appear on Excel before being available on other applications, such as the online version of Powerpoint.

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